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It was very tough. At 27, I’ve recently decided to go back to school for graphic and web design and I’m officially in week 3 of classes. The struggle is important. My two years at the community college were amazing. So glad you’re here! Another way to guarantee a little extra income each month (or a lot for some designers) is to build passive income into your business and making your first passive income product can be pretty quick too. This article gave me some wonderful perspective and encouragement. Whether you’re looking for a new personal project, an exercise to challenge your design skills, or a way to grow your design … This article was contributed by Preston Lee, the founder of Millo, where he and his team help designers find better clients, level up their Graphic Design Portfolio, raise their rates, and grow their business. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Amazing! Hi Teela, French as a graphic designer for 20 years, I met the doubt more than once. Teela, this is SOO good. I’m Teela, and I help ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers level-up their skills and creativity through online courses and free video tutorials! Your email address will not be published. Needless to say, knitting was out of the question. It is hard to fight my inner demons who are telling me my work is not good, I cant to it, I dont have it in me… But I have to be persistent and dont give up! Hey Teela, I am a Graphic Design student currently. I often find myself thinking things like “Am I going into the wrong profession?” or “What if I’m not good enough or creative enough?” Walking into my first graphic design class I was so nervous and overwhelmed, even more so when critiques began. This is great if you’re struggling for inspiration. If you’ve ever thought about throwing in the towel, wondered if this is the right path, or thought that maybe you just aren’t creative enough to keep chasing the dream, this post is for you. If you’re hesitant about selling, try reading popular sales books, taking a sales course, or joining a sales Facebook group. It was a great graphic design program, I met a lot of wonderful people and I even joined the bowling team . Thanks so much for checking it out! I made a conscious decision and promise that my work ethic and the unwillingness to fail would always overpower self doubt my final year. It’s just in time for me as I just started my creative journey and of course, I’m full of criticism. My coping mechanism gone, I looked for something I COULD do. Thank you so very much for sharing this. We are born with inherent creative talents; it’s how committed we are to them that define our paths. love and light, Chelle – The Lemonade Store, Thank you so much Chelle! Always looking back at how far you’ve come to remind yourself of your own progress instead of just looking at the progress of others. Thank you so much! Please never stop! and you are definitely never alone! In a perfect world, low paying clients will stop taking up your precious time as soon as they hear your rates—leaving room for the clients who are willing to pay the rates you’re demanding. Or are you going to finally take the action required to level-up your freelancing and build the kind of freelance business you’ve always wanted. Work it hard, to the point of discomfort and often enough, and it becomes stronger and stronger. , Thanks for sharing your story. Old or new means, both have enabled designers to get their message through us. But I’ll keep trying. Thank you so much! Thanks, Marielle! It is the best of the best and a gift of a Cintiq is basically guaranteed to drop their jaws into the next zip code. Yes! , I’m so glad this was helpful! Keep up the great work. I help ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers level-up their skills and creativity. Thank you! I just needed to read this positive words as I am in my worst “creative block” in my life… I left corporate job to pursue my dreams as artist and graphic designer but I am still at the beginning and struggling a lot. Are you going to close this browser window, move on to your next to-do item, and stick with the status quo? So it’s a constant internal battle to do better– to work the creative muscle, as you say, and to allow ourselves not to feel like we must perfect this life long learning experience in one piece of art. I had an interest in graphic design and decided that I would teach myself and figure out a way to make $ doing it so that I could work at home and be available for my kids. I feel self-doubt all the time. Hey Keren! There are a few key differences between designers who bring in big clients with accompanying predictable income each month, and those who consistently struggle to find work and wonder if they’ll survive until the next job and we’d thought it will be useful to share some of the most common traits I’ve seen in designers who thrive. Roberto also teaches Graphic Design and Adobe Tutorials through his YouTube … Thanks so much for sharing Lisa! , Aww, I’m so glad! I love that Marie Forleo – Liz Gilbert interview. I used to use the Adobe suite provided with my job, so I've also lost … There’s something about hearing yourself actually say it that resonates as more true than just locked in your head . So I just wanted to reply to this post and want to say: thanks so much. While a rare few of successful designers only work on one-off client projects (like my friend Ian Paget who has more logo design work coming in than he knows what to do with), many of the designers I’ve spoken with also incorporate two elements of recurring revenue into their businesses. Thank you for your kind words… it gave me peace of mind. Learn how your comment data is processed. Deifinitekyvkeeping this in mind to come back to during those dark times. I found this post so incredibly relatable to my creative journey. That was a lightbulb. A lot of freelancers think that word of mouth is the best way for them to build their freelance business, as this is the most common piece of advice they hear from seasoned freelancers. While some people argue that cold outreach is dead, I say … After almost 20 years in graphic design, I find myself starting a freelance career and self-doubt has walked with me every step. I’m 16 years post degree with various creative positions under my belt. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your post. I’m working hard not to hold onto it. The “how” of building passive income into your business could fill an entire bookshelf but suffice it to say the goal is to find ways you can make something once and sell it over and over again. Love this post. I left corporate job to pursue my dreams as artist and graphic designer but I am still at the beginning and struggling a lot. Let’s face it… agencies are formed for exactly this reason. Your point on how success doesn’t make the self doubt monster go away is so true! Many graphics tablets will come with a plastic edge or bezel which will come between the screen and the casing. I won awards and built a portfolio I was proud of, which helped me get into SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. Thanks for stating this so perfectly. I chose the 2 years, then transfer option. Your advice to work our creativity hard and keep at it, as well as finishing the project, is such solid advice. It is so easy to go the doubt direction instead of saying, “how can I use that person’s comment to improve what I am doing?” I quit my (well paying) job last year because I had a strong desire to do something different. I felt everything was wrong and not good enough. Suffice it to say, I recommend the advice of my friend Chelsea (a copywriter-turned-agency-builder) who basically told me she looks for opportunities to pitch a retainer at every moment along the client journey. Turning fear and self-doubt into motivation is so hard but when you do it it’s so worth it and is they proof that you really want something. Ability to communicate clearly. I’d definitely suggest checking out the Honest Designers Podcast as you’ll find some great advice here: If you’re finding yourself struggling to convey your design ideas, here are my top tips to get the most out of working with a graphic designer… We’re our own worst critics! Anna, That’s awesome – so glad you found me! Love it. . And she’s been very successful at it. These compositions can be seen everywhere, from logos and branding to web design… Regardless of that success, self doubt still accompanied me along every step in my creative journey. In fact, top brand Adobe … It killed all the creativity in me and I found that it put a strain on my other freelance projects as well as stifling my creativity for passive income projects. I vividly remember walking into the ‘drawing’ building for my Drawing 2 class that first week. You have given me inspiration to keep going. This couldn’t have come at a better time and I feel better already. I had no idea you went through that. Higher rates cause quality clients to self-select. The Graphic Designer job description includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. Know that you are not alone and it’s extremely common. Your tutorials are so helpful, and I know that I won’t ever be, you know “a graphic designer”, but I am also creative. I can relate to your story both in art as well as in other paths in life where I felt not worthy or not up to par. Ever battled self doubt as a graphic designer or as a creative in general? Brilliant Teela! INTRODUCTION. Thank you Teela! My creativity but also the very meaning of my profession. <3. I just had to take a few foundational classes and then I’d be entirely focused on graphic design. I’m actually working on my portfolio for print right now, and I’m doubting myself with the quality of my work…. So inspiring – thank you for sharing! When I graduated my community college, I had one B (in psychology of all things), and I did extra work upon extra work to squeak by with a B in Drawing 2. You said it all. Glad to know I’m not alone in having these doubts and struggles as a designer. various technologies brought new possibilities to the field of design, and as time goes by, new means are invented everyday but it is the designers … I think I’m doing a little better than I did then too. I took on a low-quality client and it was not only a major time suck but emotionally draining. Great site btw, a coworker recommended it and I’m loving your stuff! Sometimes I ask myself, “What the heck did you go and do this for? Unless you absolutely only want to work solo. I’m graduating college in the Spring for my associates in Graphic Design and I’m constantly terrified that I won’t be good enough. The first class project was another story, though. Struggling downtowns and retail districts of small cities and towns have been completely overlooked by graphic designers, since these independent businesses often cannot afford, or aren’t aware of, the services of designers. For the last 2 years I have spent countless hours doing Google searches and taking online design classes. Thanks so much for sharing, and happy to hear that you haven’t given up on your talents! There are days when I am dilerious with self doubt! It helps to know that someone who exudes confidence and creativity and seems to possess these qualities in abundance also experiences self-doubt! I like to write (though in German, which is my mother language). Thank you for sharing your story Teela. I also started studying graphic design at a community college and then took a couple years off before going back for my bachelor’s. ... 3d artist resume template application letter for web designer awesome graphic design resumes best cv graphic design … Your artwork is inspiring and your teaching style is amazing! Good luck and thank you for your articles. We’ll never share the info we collect. , This is just wanted I needed! ❤️. I still have that “I’m not creative enough” attitude, but am trying to get over it. . Everyone doubts themselves at some point, you just can’t let that doubt stop you from something you really want. So true. I was very good at both. Thanks so much. I’m aging myself big time LOL… I honestly do not have the words to tell you how much this means to me. . Like Gavin Anderson mentioned, Graphic Design is a very large field. It really does feel so vulnerable to share the things we’ve created with the world. Being highly skilled in every aspect of graphic design in one lifetime is a hard task already. Strong communication is the versatile soft skill that is going to be an … I took a “print technology” course when I was 17 which included “design” and typesetting… keep in mind, back then, typesetting WAS actually setting type and feeding strips of punched paper into a processor to get strips of type out which was then waxed and laid out. Does that make sense? Every time I slipped into the doubt spiral, I found myself saying out loud, “you can do this.” I just assumed the struggle meant I had to work harder, or research a little more. Graphic design proper really began after the invention of the printing press in 1440, but the roots of visual communication stretch all the way back to caveman times. I am going to keep “done is better than perfect” handy. Linn Vizard Apr 27, 2020. Another self doubt. But what it means to me now is that art is hardly ever “finished” and it’s a smart artist who simply decides, “this is done, I will work the next one in a better way.” I have to always remind myself to look at where I am now compared to a few years ago instead of comparing myself to other designers and feeling like I’m not good enough. Just recently, she decided to take the leap from being a single freelance writer to hiring other freelancers and building a small agency. Kind of funny how our minds work and talk us out of things but end up coming back full circle! Visit PayScale to research freelance graphic designer hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. They limit their use of social media or time spent comparing themselves to others online. Below you’ll find graphic design games spanning from color challenges, to font games, and more. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A freelancer who feels they make the amount of money they deserve is, not surprisingly, a happier freelancer. After years and years, I finally understand what “done is better than perfect” means. I can definitely relate. So that’s what I did. When I went home that summer after my first SCAD year, there was some soul searching. It is hard to fight my inner demons who are telling me my work is not … Important things take time. A perfect job for a semi-retired or laid-off salesperson who loves that particular hunt. Charging more will help you gain confidence. I am the second oldest of my parents’ 4 kids. Great post! Securing retainers with your clients could fill volumes and definitely falls outside the scope of this article. Hang in there – you’re doing everything right, and yes, keep those blinders on! But I do struggle all the time with the “not good enough” issue. Heather Stern of Lippincott points out: "The pervasiveness of 'design … Being self conscious about it is natural. My friends and family always tell me otherwise, but I never believed them. Thanks again! Great point about pushing through despite the resistance , Another eloquently written and very personal post. Congrats! And when it’s time to win new business, they get laser-focused on finding new clients. Nice to know I’m no alone! That was the moment I realized, I don’t belong here. So awesome! I chose Graphic Design because I like to design and I like computers. My work has improved drastically – in large part due to your tutorials & Skillshare classes. I was plagued with self-doubt, what if I’m not good enough to get in, what if I just suck at & I’m not as good as I think. One of my favorite quotes from it is: “Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes!” Thanks so much for the inspiration . Put that together and you get something in Graphic Design. Battling Self Doubt as a Graphic Designer, 5 Tips for Breaking Through Creative Block, Hitting your Design + Lettering Goals in 2017. Thanks so much, and I look forward to learning more from you . Well, you’re in the right place. I couldn’t help looking around at all the projects, comparing my work to theirs and feeling like I was on the bottom again. I think, at that age, you don’t want to appear like you’re struggling when you’re surrounded by everyone else and it’s kind of competitive (or it felt that way to me at the time) and you don’t really want to show any weakness. Keep sharing your story! When you join the Tuesday Tribe, you’ll receive special offers on courses + products and gain access to the Resource Library, stocked with over 50 design and lettering files! Creative doubt is REAL. And I talk to myself too. No amount of previous success mattered anymore. When you’re down, it’s important to stay positive that things WILL turn around. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for all the information you have provided which has truly been a part of helping me to discover that I do in fact have a creative gene in my body! Upcoming Tools and Trends for Designers in 2019, Free Color Palettes from Popular Designers, I wonder what it is about us humans that we feel that way and end up feeling alone rather than havin feeling that we have a supportive community. Such a good topic. I’m staring down the barrel of my Junior portfolio review and I just have to keep my blinders on, and my mind on my end goal, MFA in Advertising & Graphic Design. It does work! ❤️. Please hang in there – don’t let it bring you down! The average hourly pay for a Freelance Graphic Designer is $29.37. I graduated in 2008 with a job offer and have worked as a professional graphic designer ever since. I am actually going through the same thing at the moment. My friend Dustin makes over $250,000 all through passive income—primarily selling his design resources on sites like Design Cuts. It’s really helped me to know how someone else who has lived this very situation made it through. I’ll be sharing this with my students. Pick up over 50 design + lettering files as our gift to you when you join the Tuesday Tribe for free! Freelancers who charge more are more likely to continue freelancing full-time instead of going back to a day job. Graphic Design Gigs Total Creative Freedom. Every-Tuesday designer + founder. You’re just in a different place along your journey is all Hope your next year is a million times better than this one! I left the corporate world after 15 years, lettering ignited a passion for me and a way to heal, and now I just can’t stop! WHAT THE HECK ARE MASTER PAGES?! What an inspiration and encouragement. Wow, Tim – that’s an amazing story! That terrified girl walking up the drawing building stairwell has since created design work associated with Coca-Cola, Visa, the Olympics and even started her own business. Being proactive will only get you halfway to the finish line. Roberto Blake is a Graphic Designer helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses improve their branding and presentations. How far behind was I? Oh no Christy, we’re so sorry to hear this! Wow, Kori, I had no idea! You were fine working your 9-5” This post definitely gave me a little more optimism in getting this thing done so that I can live in my creativity. ❤️, Teela, you hit all the right topics! I also appreciate your advice to use criticism to grow instead of doubt. They should go networking events, go door-to-door visiting local businesses. All of my previous credits transferred, so I was a full junior in SCAD’s eyes. Even if your work isn’t the most creative, execute it well and the playing field is far more even. You’re amazing!!! <3. Please go easy on yourself! Hey! We use cookies to customize and create content that’s most important to you. I am a second year graphic design student at a great community college. To be fair, we're not a design agency first, we make websites and do marketing primarily. It’s ok if you’re not perfect. You could say my first year at SCAD lit a fire like no other under me. Hi Teela, thank you so much for the story and kind words! This is my second semester. Instead, designers who need work should be proactive. Whether it’s honing a craft or developing a career. I always thought that to live by that statement meant that I had to do things in haste and not thought out well enough– or as well as I knew I could. Put a few designers with different skillsets together to cover the various customer needs (everyone can’t design logos), add a copywriter (at least one “on call”), and someone who knows how to present and sell your services, and it seems like a force to reckon with. I love what you said; “We are born with inherent creative talents; it’s how committed we are to them that define our paths.” I feel a little better than last. But you’re totally right – you are definitely not alone and you can’t let it stop you Wishing you the best!

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