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Registration fees (open to the public): Free for all. Compare the best Free Webinar software of 2020 for your business. Total gross income = $3,420 - taxes = $2,394 net - monetary expense of $440 = $1,954 divided by number hours invested = $140 per hour. Total gross income = $125 x 30 couples = $3,750 - taxes = $2,625 net - split to church of 25% or $656 = $1,969 net profit divided by number hours invested (3 hours) = $656 per hour of net income. Is this for corporate executives? NOTE: If you are creating from scratch, you may break even on your first workshop, webinar or training. The presenter role can then be passed to another … The two drawbacks (for me at least) is that I really enjoy the in person experience, and you cannot predict the efficiency of technology. Our very 1st Webinar! GoToMeeting is sold in two plans, each with different pricing. When it comes to fee setting, I know first hand how important it is to have a formula in place when pricing a product, book or materials (passive income), or a group, workshop or webinar (leveraged income stream). Unique content geared toward a specific topic earns the most money in the webinar world. In person workshops where you are the host and facilitator;2. Find the highest rated Free Webinar software pricing, reviews, free demos, trials, and more. with its registered office in Gdańsk, Poland. Confidentiality:  It is important to understand that emails or confidential information sent or received over the Internet may be intercepted and therefore may not be completely confidential.Kind Words:  Full names are only disclosed with Mari's professional colleague testimonials who have attended a workshop, hired Mari as a consultant, or attended a speaking engagement where Mari presented, or purchased materials from the website store and offered kind words regarding that material or product, and/or agreed to share about their experience in working with Mari. Webinar Presenter Fees: IoTC Members: $2500 Non-Members: $5000 Participation includes the following benefits: 60 Minutes Full moderation Full recording Full Contact list (name, title, company, … Like it or not, what your client can likely afford and when they can attend will inform your fee and your date. We use cookies to make sure you have the best experience on our website. This will factor in to your fee. When people sign up for a webinar with the intent to develop themselves, they are willing to pay, and often quite a great deal. The quality of the information in a webinar and the authenticity and professionalism of its delivery are often what creators think of first when deciding whether to charge and how much. Webinar Trainings. The best way is to make use of free and open source webinar software that provides you ample opportunity to team up with your colleagues, host training events virtually, without hefty monthly fees. Giving your webinar program a consistent style is a great way to stand out from the crowd. While each webinar … Popular Webinar platforms offer custom delivery options, allowing the presenter full control over questions and microphones (participant interactivity) during the webinar presentation. November 24, 2020 - Webinar Presenter - As a performer or workshop presenter, you will be contributing to the success of this virtual festival and the mutual friendship between the people of … Webinar Presenter Policy V 1.0 A guide to acceptable webinars offered to AKA members for recognised professional development and the responsibilities of each party involved in those webinars.Australian … To see our full Privacy Policy click here. Our webinar series is held every Tuesday at 2:15 PM EST/1:15 PM CST. Home / Webinar Presenter Application Thank you for your interest in delivering a presentation for the MedFit Education Foundation’s ongoing series of professional education webinars. Using my How to Create a Multiple Income Streams webinar for therapists, I will break this calculation down as a comparison to the other formulas above: Total Time Investment including my presentation/practice time = 8 hours. Is this w… Copyright ©2010-2020, all rights reserved For Growth Counseling Services, Inc. 216 N. Glendora Ave. Suite 206, Glendora, CA 91741. Review top Webinar formats, webinar hosting requirements and costs to deliver webinar… +$85 for new members or membership renewals. Registration is now closed Experienced Presenter: Cristin Lyons – Partner and Energy Practice Leader - ScottMadden, Inc. Cristin Lyons is a … I simply show up. Do a Google search for webinars and other content that delivers the same type of information that you do, and see how they compare in cost. Also consider the field or industry you’re presenting to, or the type of person (mother, college student, etc.) In closing, I hope that providing you with my formula in pricing three different events: in person workshops, hosted workshops and trainings, as well as on line webinars has given you the tools you need to confidently move forward in pricing your own workshop or on line training. Presenter: Stephen Greeson, PE, CSP, ARM. Yes, I want to receive information, tips and tools from Mari! NOTE: If you prefer not to reinvent the wheel and are interested in facilitating a workshop that supports women in rebuilding their self image after infidelity, divorce, or a break up, you may be interested in my workshop kit for therapists where I provide all of my curriculum, exercises, activities, agenda, sign in sheet, consent forms, the facilitator time line and road map - essentially every single thing you will need in order to facilitate a successful workshop for hurting women for less that the cost of one workshop fee. Fees: This webinar is complimentary for current Insurance Institute members. Facebook multiple income streams coaching group for therapists (our LAB current group is filled and the next group starts in January 2017), you can find that information here. It can take time to develop a webinar that speaks to all of these areas. In other words, what is it that you bring to your event as the presenter that will attract attendees? The content of the webinar is geared toward your audience, and the cost should be, too. 4. Lists performed 43% above average. Remember, if you are creating your webinar or workshop from scratch, your first event will likely break even, unless this is a large event. Become an expert in the topic(s) that you cover and include the kind of information that can’t be gotten anywhere else. This will factor in to your fee. You can control what cookies are set on your device in your cookies settings. Or do you have to start from scratch? We will begin with the most important items to factor in when pricing your training or workshop, and then move into the actually dollars and cents formula using three workshop examples from my own practice. Are you a licensed clinician, are you certified in a particular specialization? There’s one factor that can make or break the attendance at your webinar: how much you decide to charge for it. Description: This 60-minute Enrichment Webinar … Experience and Expertise:Who are you as a facilitator? Livestorm is the all-in-one platform … Your Prep/Practice Time: Do you have material that you can re-purpose? Webinars are both a product and a service and can give your audience life- and career-changing advice. Part of the … Have you taught on this topic at a university, or written a book, or achieved a level of respect because of your work? Professional coaching support for counselors and other small business professionals to help you grow your practice & meet your business goals. Webinar Fees Sarah Eaton, PhD ExceptionalWebinars.com 2. This webinar … Note that your access to this webinar will expire one year from the date of registration; webinar registration fees are non-refundable and subject to applicable taxes. This is the kind that comes you’re your own (or the presenter’s) experience and wisdom, as well as diligent research and analysis. Anyone who has worked with me or followed my blogs and social media knows that numbers and price points are something that I really enjoy - yep, I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a math geek. The Attendee: Who is your attendee? Cancellation Policy: Participant substitutions accepted up to 24 hours prior to webinar … NOTE: You can also simply charge a fee for events like this, for example at a set price of $2,000 if you prefer. +$85 for new members or membership renewals. A lot of information on these topics can be found on the Internet. Most webinars range from around 45 to 60 minutes in length – not that much time, but the best speakers and webinar creators manage to pack a lot of information into it. At the very least, it should cost $100 to … Our most … Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting. Have you taught on this topic at a university, or written a book, or achieved a level of respect because of your work? Presenter: Diana Dabdub, Director, the … As a business coach who is passionate about helping therapists create passive and leveraged income streams, I am often asked this question: "Mari, we have worked together in building my presentation and/or workshop, but now, what do I charge?". Now let's move on to 3 examples of trainings and how to use my formula to calculate each: 1. Is this for professional colleagues? 1. Your email address will not be published. Business building and growing ideas for business owners and clinical professionals for how to create multiple income streams and passive income, running your business effectively, and more. Webinar attendees are looking for information that will help them succeed in some area of life, be it expanding their personal social circles or developing a business idea. After all, that’s probably what your audience is doing, too. What makes your content one-of-a-kind? Set up/Clean up Time: 0 hours as I email the church my materials and they organize these, and they provide and set up the continental breakfast, and they clean up after the event. Or if you would like to join my next "Like A Boss!" This insightful webinar, presented by CEO and Co-Founder of Delta Payment Solutions Irwin Grossman, will share some key steps you can take to lower your costs and pair with the right … Follow this simple checklist to make sure things go smoothly. The Cost of a Webinar Differs Greatly, but Almost Everyone Is Paying Finally, it’s become clear that you need to invest money into your webinar. For example, you will likely have attendees contacting you to work with you as a clinician and or coach when you facilitate an excellent presentation, workshop or webinar. You need to understand who your attendee is so that beyond your content and presentation focus, and your expertise, you also know when to schedule the event, how long the event will be, and the budget of your attendee. People sign up for a webinar expecting to learn, but also hoping to be entertained. 2. If you’ve been doing webinars for a while, it could be worth it to find out where you stand. A mix of both personality/charm and intellectualism in a presenter gives webinars extra cred and counts toward their going price. Other than making money – either directly from people paying to attend the webinar or indirectly from sales resulting from the webinar – the goal is to get interested people to attend. See our pricing guide now! More info. This is the kind that comes you’re your own (or the presenter’s) experience and wisdom, as well as diligent research and analysis. Do it with ClickMeeting, Your email address will not be published. A webinar geared toward professional development and voluntary learning, however, is another story. This webinar software offers a ton of features, including a multi-presenter option, integration with popular email marketing software, shopping carts, and lead generation tools. Total gross income = $250 x 15 therapists = $3,750 - taxes = $2,625 net - VA fee = $2,425 net profit divided by number hours invested (8 hours) = $303 per hour of net income. Yes, of course! This can be ideal when you are providing training to other professionals because your attendee saves on travel expenses, and you can do this virtually from your own home or office, and you information supports a larger audience. You must know who your attendee is. Enjoy a … If you have supportive books and materials, this is also likely to generate some sales in the passive income department as well. Pre-Registration and Fees… Lists. Intercom does a really good job of this in the webinar library that is part of their resource center . RECORDED WEBINARS TITLE: Room Air to Mechanical Ventilation and Everything In-between PRESENTER: Aimee Cardoso, RRT, BSRT AUDIENCE: Undergraduate, graduate students, Clinical Fellows, Clinicians who would like to transition from school-based SLP to medical-based SLP. However, it is important to outline pricing for hosted workshops. All of this from ink, to water, to the folders and labels is an expense that I must factor in if I am hosting an in person workshop or training. But fear not lovely colleague, I make it fun! Join Today! Each webinar includes 1 hour to 1.5 hours of streaming webcast, including live discussion with the presenter, video demonstrations, presentation materials, and access to archived recordings. If you want to expand the range of people who attend your webinar, offer a sliding scale. Everything you need to know about avoiding failures and problems with podium deck waterproofing in a handy webinar. Fees for Presenters and Participants Early Bird (Payment by 30 September 2020) Local International Presenter/ Participant (Non-Student) MYR400 USD93 Presenter/ Participant (Student) MYR300 USD70 Poster Presentation MYR180 USD42 Normal Rate Local International Presenter/ Participant (Non-Student) MYR450 USD105 Presenter… For example, I have a couple's communication workshop that I do for 3 hours on a Saturday morning twice a year at a local church. For my in center workshops or professional colleague trainings, I include a continental breakfast and an afternoon snack (if it is an all day event where the attendees break and leave for lunch). You can create a ClickMeeting free trial account to test our webinar … How do you know...What to charge? Their time is money, too. Corporations will pay the most, followed by non-profit/social sector organizations, and then individuals have the lowest budgets. If your content is mainly a marketing pitch, it would be unwise to charge for the webinar – give it for free and you’ll draw more customers. In addition to the type of audience you’re speaking to, the type of content is also a determining factor in your webinar’s cost. You don't need years of experience to successfully facilitate, but you do need to share why your attendee would trust coming to your event. As a support, I will break down my formula using my "From Fairy Tales to Facelifts: Learning to Love the Image in the Mirror" in office workshop that I host and facilitate twice a year for women who are healing heartbreak due to divorce, infidelity or betrayal. Even before you create your webinar, think about how you can offer content that can’t be Googled. The webinar organizer is always designated as the first presenter. Total Time Investment including my presentation time = 14 hours. The featured presenter for this webinar is Prof. Henrik Falconer (Karolinska, Stockholm). Webinar FAQs Webinar Presenter Submissions Portal Collaborative Webinars Member Blog Posts COVID-19 Webinars and Blog Posts Diversity and Inclusion Corner Webinar Sponsorship … Each webinar is 1 hour. You may think your webinar is great (and it may be), but what audiences think matters more. What to pay? Webinar fees: How much can you charge for a webinar? Plan Fees / Plan deductible Configuration Front Office / Appointment Books Professional Claim/ ADA Claim Claim Center Monitoring and Management of Claims Register SecureClaim – … 1. Presenter: Björn Herbers Judgment of the Court of 2 April 2020 (Case C-228/18) This judgement concerned the card payment systems, the interbank agreement fixing the level of interchange fees … Please join us for this informative webinar on the prevention and mitigation of snow loading on roofs. However, my assumption is that this you will knock it out of the ball park, and continue to use this workshop as a leveraged multiple income stream, and/or or a way of generating other interest in your business. Structure collapse due to snow load is a … Whether it’s you or someone working for you, the best kind of presenter has credentials, a positive reputation in their field, expertise, experience and has a dynamic personality. Webinar Presenter Dr Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel is Head of Research in the Faculty of Education, editor of Focus on Education , and has essays and articles published in the Dance Chronicle , the South … Don’t set the price line too high for individuals (it alienates your audience), and don’t charge too little for corporations (it downplays your expertise). You can also reach me at mari@thecounselorscoach.com. In other words, what is it that you bring to your event as the presenter that will attract attendees? Take the post you're just reading as an example: 55 Actionable Webinar Tips, Tricks & Techniques Every Presenter Should know How to's How to's … While there’s no perfect formula for setting a price, considering the following factors beforehand can put you in the right range. 3. Your expenses: For my webinars I use the services of a virtual assistant to help get all of the back end tasks set up that I simply no longer have time for, so I must factor in my VA fee. He will cover: The latest evidence and future thoughts for using robotic-assisted surgery in gynecology oncology. If you are feeling like you could use some additional support or guidance in creating and organizing your own workshop, and would like to see what other therapists have to say about their experience in working with me as a coach, you can take a look here. 2 hours, Actual Workshop Time: 9 AM-4 PM (one hour break for lunch) = 6 hours, Gift for Attendees: A copy of my book, Facing Heartbreak ($15 x 12 women= $180), Food and paper goods for continental breakfast (fruit and bagels, coffee and water) and afternoon snack (cookies and trail mix) = $60, Other expenses (folders, name tags, printer ink, favors)= $100, Prep Time: Evergreen (I've already created this many years ago), Marketing Time: 0 hours as the church does all of this within their congregation, Emails and Materials and Consent Forms to Church event organizer and follow up thank you: 3 hours. Why not? A Webinar Presenter for Wolf Home Products www.wolfhomeproducts.com Since graduating from Bucknell University, Jason has held sales, corporate training and management … I also have a small gift I give attendees (a affirmation stone or candle), and I have a materials folder with my agenda. Experience and Expertise: Who are you as a facilitator? Is the event geared toward high stress professional couples? Each client or supervisee or product purchaser may have a different experience and results and should not base their expectations or results on the testimonials provided here,  as results are not guaranteed. The more specialized your webinar is toward a specific audience, the more you can charge. The quality of the presenter often determines the success of the webinar – so a webinar with a knowledgeable and engaging presenter can bring in a lot of business. If so, do an estimated calculation on your hours involved as this must be factored into your workshop fee and net revenue. Let's roll up our sleeves and jump right in! Coaching for Therapists & Small Business Owners. This webinar will ease some of the planning anxiety with easy to remember recommendations on how to prepare for your future application to veterinary school. Webinar: Proposed changes to ASQA fees and charges 2020-21 ASQA has begun consultation with the VET sector on proposed measures to support our transition to full cost recovery from 2020-21. The calculation for this hosted event looks like this: Total Time Investment including my presentation/practice time = 6 hours. Additionally, if you price it too far out of the budget for a struggling college student and single mom, your event will have low attendance. GoToMeeting Professional allows you to host meetings with up to 150 participants and costs $12 monthly (billed annually at $144). You can withdraw your consent at any time. By browsing our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Is this for college students? Access Now Not A Member? 1. As you can see, once you get the hang of hosting a webinar and understand the platform and so forth, this type of training can yield a larger net return because your upfront investment is quite low. Is this for the struggling artist? The presenter is responsible for preparing a 45-50 minute presentation and being prepared for a 10 … The more information in the webinar, the more they’ll be willing to pay. Offer depth, not breadth Webinar attendees are looking for … ClickMeeting’s flexible webinar pricing fits your needs by adjusting to your audience size and add-on requirements. Are you a licensed clinician, are you certified in a particular specialization? Required fields are marked *, ClickMeeting Sp. Results: It is important to remember that coaching/consulting results are different for each client depending on why they seek coaching and how they apply what they learn. That involves delving deeper into the topic so you can create a webinar that provides real value. It has not happened to me yet (knock on wood), but we all know that sometimes there will be tech fails. A webinar presenter could be a force-multiplier for the success of your event, but if they aren't prepared, it could be a disaster. Considering your audience is key to getting takers. This formula will give you a seamless way of calculating (after taxes and expenses are factored in) what you need to be charging in order to make a reasonable return on your investment of time, effort, energy and finances. … I've also owned and operated two other successful and very profitable businesses in my 30 year professional journey, with my coaching and therapy practice as my current business for the last decade. Audiences get excited for a well-known expert – they’ll feel privileged to attend. Are you an expert on the topic you will be presenting? Hosted workshops where another person or organization hosts this and you are the presenter;3. More on this below. – Presenter: Ben Hickman – CSSW.LONDON – Click the button to Watch the Webinar The presenter has not acknowledged my questions. A presenter is the person showing his or her desktop to the webinar audience. Attend “ How to Turn Your Webinar Presenters into Superstars .” You’ll learn secrets for finding great webinar talent and best practices to make your existing presenter… Merely skimming the surface will result in a disappointed audience that won’t be back. The Attendee: Who is your attendee? 818.521.4370Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy / Disclaimer ATTENTION: Privacy Policy Updated on May 25, 2018, What to Charge for Your Workshop, Training or Webinar, "From Fairy Tales to Facelifts: Learning to Love the Image in the Mirror", Prep Time: Evergreen (I've already created this a few years ago), Emails and Consent Forms to Attendees and follow up thank you: 2 hours, Set up/Clean up Time: For folder assembly, food set up, etc. We will not share your data with anyone for marketing purposes. Key features Multiple presenter… Below, you can find the list of best free and open source webinar software that can make your online webinar… Are you an expert on the topic you will be presenting? If interested, you can find that information here. 2. Do you have experience that others trust? … How To Overcome Fear And Launch Your First Webinar, Dynamic and credentialed experts earn the most, Why Organize Online Meetings with Your Virtual Team, Live Webinars Fundamentals: How to Use Them for Your Content Mix, 7-Point Checklist to Forge Your Customer Onboarding Process, How ClickMeeting Improved Video Conferencing Technology by Securing Server Capacity, How to Give Better SaaS Product Demos with Video Conferencing Software, How to Choose the Best Virtual Classroom Software. I won't get into sponsorship or affiliate relationships in this blog as that is a whole other ball of cookie dough usually implemented with conferences. This often requires a separate registration with the webinar hosting group as well as the webinar presenter/sponsor Webinar Costs and Fees: The cost of presenting a webinar can vary and include the program plus presenter… See my paid public speaking blog for more information on how to do this. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below ~ and...I wish you all the very best in your practice building success! If the answer is nothing, you won’t be able to charge much. Time to move your events online. Is this workshop for single working mothers? Some webinars may not include time to address all attendee questions, but all the unanswered questions will be forwarded to the webinar presenter… Price it too low for executives, and you will not be taken seriously. For complete course details including video conference session details, pre-registration, course fees, and cancellation policy, please view the Course Home Page or Course Brochure (.pdf). z o.o. If you’re new to webinars, you may want to start on the low end – offer a webinar for free for a limited time to gain a following. NOTE: This is not to suggest that you should give your time and efforts away for next to nothing, rather I share this as a supportive reminder so that you make a reasoned decision. Do you have experience that others trust? for promotional, information, advertising and marketing purposes, including profiling. Putting a webinar together is hard work: the costs in time for creating the content and marketing are not for the faint of heart. We all start somewhere and you can do this! Actual Workshop Time: 9 AM-noon = 3 hours, Gift for Attendees: An affirmation stone and a free couples communication exercise to take home, Food and paper goods for continental breakfast (fruit and bagels, coffee and water) and afternoon snack (cookies and trail mix) = 0 dollars as the church provides, Other expenses (folders, name tags, printer ink, favors)= 0 dollars as the church provides, Virtual Assistant Fee = 0 dollars as the church has a secretary or organizer, Prep Time: Evergreen (I've already created this), Emails and forms and follow up thank you: 2.5 hours, Set up/Clean up Time: 0 hours as this is done virtually, Food and paper goods for continental breakfast (fruit and bagels, coffee and water) and afternoon snack (cookies and trail mix) = 0 dollars as this is a virtual event, Other expenses (folders, name tags, printer ink, favors)= 0 dollars as this is a virtual event. Your content may be great but if your presenter is boring, your audience is going to check out.

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