questions an anthropologist would ask about marriage

And I don't believe there is any such thing as "free love". If we say that marriage is being two people, one male, one female, well no homosexuals can't achieve that. The issue is more in the rights, and less in the label, so what is the point of giving all the rights but forcing a different label? She should have had another week to do this assignment but because of a teacher's labour dispute the deadlines got moved up to this Monday! At first Elimelech was like "sure, I'll take the land" and the Boas added "Ruth is part of it" and he said "Oh, you can have inheritance then". Sure, sure! I need three questions each from an anthropologist, sociologist and psychologist's perspective on their immigration. Suppose the new little hotty is just that; hot but owns NOTHING. :D So there more people, the more careful you would be implored to be. He should have asked an anthropologist. When looked at cross-culturally and historically, the neolocal nuclear family seems to be something that arose in a historically particular time and place rather than a natural or universal kinship and marriage convention. Kids These Day: How Youth Behavior Really Stacks Up. Why do they need to get married? Ask An Anthropologist about Marriage Maybe you'll learn something . The contract says you can't because the spouse is going to be pissed. I also agree that overall, most people will prefer to be themselves, but sex/romance is an area wherein some people will lie relentlessly, and it's hard to verify what they are. Now that is interesting! In the United States, people tend to believe that romantic love is the ideal basis for marriage. Interviews Questions by Career Interviews Questions by Company Interviews Questions by Topic Blog About Us Contact Sign in Get Started Interview Coach 1:1 Gain the confidence you need by asking our professionals any interview scenario, question, or answer you are unsure about. I grew up relatively poor, and people mostly got married because they couldn't afford to live alone. Some things might depend entirely upon the number of people, like how much food they eat, but say, like a washing machine, three people might not need to use more money on that than two people would have anyway, so there are resources to be saved here. But wait, there's more; Myers notes that the 'traditional' concepts of marriage in the US. Just because they match our own liberal sensibilities? One big and controversial question: Is Marriage Natural? We need to care for others as we attempt to build a world together. No matter what marriage has to do with. In the US, we have a crime called "bigamy". Stuck on a tricky anthropology question? The types of data sociologists record is not easily observable or quantifiable. Although for those who ask “is marriage natural?” they probably have monogamy in mind, forms of polygamy have also been considered natural and in some cases highly valued. We can only understand the present in relation to the past. eight not because I believe that it is wrong for to couples of same sex to be married but my belief is that it shouldn't be called the same name. The most compelling arguments made for doing so have to do precisely with this issue-- that not having the right to choose whether to enter into a legally sanctioned association is a continuing status of diminished civil rights. A fiscal conservative cares about how the government spends money; it should be small, restrained, and keep a balanced budget. A mom in American culture could serve a completely different meaning in a different culture. Haha, disasters can happen, yes, and set progress back a couple of steps, but eventually, progress imposes itself, relentlessly. We might have to start thinking of the word as a little more inclusive... and that is about it? LDS-mormons are even against polygyny, only crazy FLDS mormons practice it. Exclusive sexual relationships were discouraged. I think they would also be apt for such an example, being someone who doesn't contribute equally, but can walk out with an equal share. thanks for the chance to clarify: the specific paragraph you mention is actually quoted from a 2004 op ed by other anthropologists. If the goal is to reduce complications, then no marriage is ideal. That's a lot of washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc that only one person is using. You can listen to the entire thing if you like. If it is about love, both heteromonogamous, homophile and polyamorous people should have access to it, because all are real love that make real relationships that make real families, and if it is about property, legal and social status, both heteromonogamous, homophile and polyamorous people should have access to it, because everyone are human beings that should have the same rights. This can easily result in bankruptcy and forfeiture of assets. You can have a system, and the system can have problems, but no one bothers to fix them. They sneer at the idea of a woman with multiple husbands. :-). Yes, marriages that go through churches usually do have marriage counseling as a mandatory first step, however, that's not the only way to get married, and our divorce rate is still 50%, so I'm not sure if "married through a church with counseling" has a better survival rate than "married in Las Vegas while drunk". It's the problems caused by the jealous spouse that society is trying to prevent with the contract. Aforementioned economic benefits! No offence, but they sound a little lame. We read: This material was for Introduction to Anthropology 2017. I've never heard a woman say that she wants either more than one husband, or wants her husband to have more than one wife. Some people use the net to play roles they wouldn't actually do in real life. Nosy bastards. I know that usage of words constitute their meaning, but I think it is kind of important to try to change usage towards ethymology, in order to make people understand more the difference between one male religious nut owning a lot of wives and cool, progressive people loving each other in a good, sound, wholesome way. Maybe that is what class differences are made to protect? In my experience, women have seen more open for this radical notion than men, in general. And I want to have the legal rights. If they can't agree on a contract, maybe they shouldn't make the contract and sign it. Maybe it will be so gradually that no one that isn't polyamorous will become polyamorous, it will just be a bigger ratio of young people growing up to be polyamorous. I wish I found marriage romantic, but to me it's just a property contract. I'll also point out that generally , the problem with cheating spouses isn't because the contract says you can't, it's the other way around. The US? If one party is expecting the marriage to remain monogamous, and the other party decides it won't, you can't write a contract that they are going to agree on. If you are going to make a claim about universal human relations-- ask an anthropologist. I also agree with your assessment of polygyny (BTW, in the US, people usually use "polygamy" to mean "polygyny", which will cause some confusion)being a step backward. MR. COOPER: Your Honor, society's -­ society's interest in responsible procreation isn't just with respect to the procreative capacities of the couple itself. As for marriage as a legal institution, the ethnographic record makes clear that law expresses the dominant ethics of the group. I do see the need of it as a ladder in an evolution, between material polygyny, so people can learn equality and "sanctity" of life/the infinite worth of a person, but when you have learned that, it is time to go on, to polyamory and polygamy, a sophisticated, reflected version of "free love". Spain and Portugal. How Many Years of Life Will a Bad Relationship Cost You? Marriage 18 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married Some of them aren't fun to think about, but they're crucial to know. MR. COOPER: Your Honor, even with respect to couples over the age of 55 it is very rare that both couples -- both parties to the couple are infertile, and the traditional -­ (Laughter.). Back in 2012, I considered at some length the historical evidence against defining a deep history for the one man-one woman marriage form as original, universal, or in any meaningful sense "abiding". If polygamy had been legal, there is no way I would have allowed that fat, psychotic, slovenly, raving cretin into the house. And no, I certainly don't think my experiences should be a guidance to people generally, except maybe in what not to do! It's hard enough to find two people who can be married happily, and poly would make that far more complex in trying to find *mutually acceptable* others. Or read it. But statistically, a vast majority of US marriages are endogamous by social class. Or Belgium. All people should have the right to be happy in their life as long as they are not hurting anyone while enjoying themselves. For links to the ads, just read the article. I guess we're still in another Dark Ages of humanity if they think they can (and sometimes do) get away with nonsense like this. Procreation is not the "sole purpose" as Samantha P. says above, nor is it JUST about property, as Fly on the wall implies. Why would anyone give away their power like that? I don't care about history, the history of marriage, what they do in Africa or who is allowed to marry their cousin. I don't spend any time on social media, so haven't encountered these poly groups. If polygamy gets complicated, we will find a way to decrease complications, and if polygamy will cause mooching polygynies, we will have to deal with that, and thus also deal with moochers in monogamy. MockQuestions . I think our "modern" societies are only just now *beginning* to grow up. Single adults can screw whoever they want. But what is normal for me may not be normal for someone from Africa. The ONLY reason a celebrity or brand taking a stand has "more impact" is because foolish people en mass decide that it does. Now both partners own property. Yet, the structure of these arrangements was extraordinarily diverse: Biological paternity was not universally the basis of identity -- as, indeed, it is not in the case of adoption in America. I think internet is also a place where it is safe to be yourself. not if the government doesn't recognize your association-- or else you have to undertake complex alternative arrangements most people need not. Maybe the contracts has to be written in a way that allows for this from the beginning? Just be a good person, basically. And coool I could help expand your mind a little. This is a possible way to live that there is nothing wrong with, so I do not understand the need to invalidate it by illegalizing polygamy. Its basic questions concern, What defines Homo sapiens? That alone would stop me from engaging. I honestly believe it is the future. Add a third person, and now you have to get three people to agree to things that normally only involve two, and if, as I supposed, one of the couple really likes the third and the other doesn't, it's going to be very difficult to get honest agreement. Outside of that marriage. Then the notion of equality was invented, and marriage was reduced and "redefined" to be monogamy. Polygamy is not jerky, but mooching polygyny certainly is. There really ARE a load of people who are not mature enough to wear condoms, etc, and monogamy helps cut down on the spread of diseases. But the present debate is about laws, laws that govern rights which are at their heart economic, or/and which define the civil rights we have as citizens. This why Suze Orman strongly encourages everybody to have a prenuptial agreement so any future challenge when it comes to marital debt can be worked out fairly prior to the wedding. I thought this was a great article, but I wish you had been more specific. Marriage vows usually say you can't cheat, and doing so is legal grounds for divorce, at least in some places, so it's enforceable even if it's not written into the contract. I don't watch television. Kerista. Neither ad tells us what to do or what to believe. In 1988, the European Court of Human Rights decided a more pressing monumental issue; the case of Norris v. Irelandimproved the legal and social standing of a minority of Irish citizens seeking common recognition and equality under the law. Even Joe Biden referred to a television show in describing the forces that swayed him to believe that gay people should have the right to marry. "Marriage" in the U.S. today is a civil contractual relationship. Doesn't necessarily be one you yourself believes in. This is hard to answer since Anthropology contains several fields and sub-fields, all dealing with different topics. One big and controversial question: Is Marriage Natural? Note, for example, that marriage contracts usually specified how certain bits of property get distributed, but often didn't mention at all how children get handled; it was just sort of left to chance. So providing an example about a tribe (out of thousands) from a faraway continent is pointless, show us an example of a society greater than third world status that practices same sex marriage with a similar approach to government as us. In my original post-- linked to above, twice now-- I cite specific cases refuting the universalist claim that marriage "has always been" or began as monogamous. I also don't think marriage will be "ended", as if by law, but rather that fewer people will do it. AnthroBlogs And since the conservative side of the argument is historical "this is the way that marriage has always been defined, see it's in the law!" That equality should include the right to marry who one wants to marry, regardless of what has been and where it has been. One would hope, but I've seen so many guys who have *something* marry women with nothing, they divorce by the third anniversary, and she walks with half. Ha! Even small girls playing "family" defines their own marriage in that manner. I'm just a *fiscal* conservative instead of religious conservative. I heartily endorse the idea that for a society, what we should be doing is imagining the future we want-- not debating about what something once was. In both my posts, and the editorial I linked to but did not write (which is where the authors cited the African case) I explained that there are historical examples of marriage-- socially recognized jural relationships governing parental and property rights-- were available to couples who were biologically of the same sex. No, single adults can screw who they want. Polyamory is very rare and has a low ratio, but in a world of infinite number of human beings, they do exist and they more than you can ever imagine. Step three is to legalize same sex marriage, and step four is to legalize polygamy (some sort of reflected and sophisticated version of "free love". No, I think, because it is not intrinsically jerky with homophile relationships and marriages. And both triple marriage and double marriage plus one is vastly different if it is a triangle triad (everyone involved with each other) or a V-triad (one person being involved with the to others, but those not involved with each other). Step two was races, to legalize mixed race marriages. :D And they have babies, but they never breed. Of course, still on men's premises, and probably as "abusive", but it IS nice that at least there is some evidence of a little gender neutrality. Say there is a person that is in a relationship with two other people, and they live together and have kids. I don't know any mormons or muslims, though. Naked on facebook!! I am sad to hear that you grew up poor! In a country where today, 48% of children are born to mothers who are not legally married, this simply seems remarkably out of step with reality. Specifically, they were all men who are the whiny, controlling, ineffectual type that would have trouble finding one wife. Digs at MB aside, this was an informative, though provoking and very well-written article. To a gender researcher, this kind of list could go on and on-- but it also is misleading, because while people who assume there should be a correspondence between biology and sex role see two male bodied or two female bodied persons as the same sex, these were third or fourth genders. Their conclusion is as relevant today as it was then: Marriage is, then, foundational because it provides a recognized form of identity and security for children in society. I have met some here in Oslo in Norway, but still, just a very little handfull. The world contains a spectrum of experiences and viewpoints. When people try to make policy arguments based on what they claim are human universals, even a single example showing that the claimed universal is not found in all human societies counts. My conspiration theory: I think monogamy has a benign origin, by some laymen wanting what crazy, celibate asketics had, but only half assed, and misunderstood; monogamy. Three persons is still a very big change, but not so big as the leap from one to two, and four people again is a smaller leap. Amazon’s ad is subtle. How can I find the perfect marriage partner for me? I like communicating in formats such as this,but find facebook et al to be repugnant invasions of privacy and won't sign up.

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