maxxair fan rain sensor

Since this fan is equipped with a rain sensor, many users will depend on this feature. The Maxxfan has 2 arms for the lid....more secure than 1 … Maxxair Vent Cover $150.00 Add to cart. The built-in thermostat for temperature control and a rain sensor for closing the lid as soon as the rain is detected, are few of the amazing features offered by this vent fan. Control fan speed, thermostat and air intake/exhaust with the included remote control or with flush-mount ceiling keypad. When the lid is closed, the Maxxfan will still operate to circulate air inside your RV. Includes a screen to keep bugs out. 01-07-2016, 01:02 PM. Disabled the rain sensor, opened and closed the fan vent a couple of times, then turned the sensor back on. The 5000RBT ($169.99-$180.99) offers the same functions, less the auto lifting dome and the rain sensor, while the 400R is a three-speed fan with a manual-lifting knob ($149.99-$155.99). Powered lift eliminates hand cranking. It has 13 speeds (while most fans come with 1 or 3), a rain sensor that automatically closes the lid when wet, and a remote control, making it perfect for even the laziest van lifers. It has a built-in rain cover that’s low-profile and looks sleek, so you can keep your fan running in the rain without having to buy a bulky aftermarket attachment. rain sensor is wet. $229.69. Original Vent Cover by Maxxair®. Maxx Fan Maxxair 12 Volt Ventilation System Smoke RV Camper. Provides over 900 Cubic feet of air per minute to keep you cool and comfortable. Maxxfan Plus™ 14" x 14" Roof Vent with Powered Lid & 10-Speed Fan by Maxxair®. This product is flush mounted and has easy to clean keypads that control the fan speed, air intake and/or exhaust. Long-life, sealed ball bearing 12-volt fan motor moves over 900 cubic feet of air per minute, quickly and efficiently pulling fresh air in and removing hot, stale air and odors. Was visiting another sight when rain shower started and watched vent lid close so the sensor works well. Free shipping. Brand New. Rain sensor automatically closes the dome and shuts off the fan when it gets wet,Once sensor is dry, the fan will automatically restart and open the lid powered-lift dome opens and closes automatically,The built-in manual knob allows for closing the dome in an emergency Come shop our amazing facility in McDonough, Georgia and … From United Kingdom. However on Fantastic, the name "Fantastic" refers to the customer service dept. The technology of the Maxxair is includes a temperature sensor that can be set to kick the fan on at a set temperature. I mean the fan, though very good, is not what I"d call "Fantastic" but I have read dozens of posts telling how good the customer service is.. Watch; MAXXAIR MAXXFAN DELUXE TINTED ROOF RV CAMPER VENT FAN WITH REMOTE CONTROL 40x40. Free shipping. This Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent has a built-in 12V fan that uses a thermostat to help maintain an even temperature inside your RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. what would cause vent cover to open and close continuosly after turning fan on? Buy Now. The 6000RBTA ($216.99-$230.99) features three fan blade speeds, a reverse switch, a built-in thermostat, automatic dome open/close switch and a rain sensor. For a trailer roof vent that has a rain sensor you can use # FV803350.I have linked a video review of this fan for you. The Maxx Air fan is my favorite fan for RV'ing and we installed one in both of our trailers. ... Across Maxxair’s 10-speed fans, they draw 2.66 amps while on the highest setting, and only 0.17 amps on the lowest. However, since it's being reported, the sensor isn't highly reliable, the brand should work on improving functionality. This placement requires a small step ladder to reach, so remote control is a plus. $118.99. ... after three days of rain, the fan wouldn't open because the sensor was wet. Features. For us, this fan is the clear winner. Buy Now. When it comes to options, Maxx Air is the leading fan in options available for a roof top fan on your van or RV. Maxxair Deluxe with rain dome, thermostat, power lift and remote $569.00 Add to cart. Stale musty air, smoke, and cooking odors escape while rain stays out. Maxxair's line of high powered celing fans are easy to operate with convenient controls at the ceiling. Press any key to activate the fan after the rain sensor has dried. The rain sensor is supposed to sense the rain, turn off the fan, and close the lid to protect the inside of your camper van) 2X Translucent Maxx Air Maxxair Vent Cover Deal. This overrides the rain sensor which won’t reactivate until it has dried out. It (the sensor) also seems to be one of the reasons people decide to buy this unit. or Best Offer. Features: -Roof vent with reversible 12V fan pushes stale air out of and pulls fresh air into your RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. Check Price. Great product that really works well. Fantastic Fan 3350 (Replaces 5000RBT) Part # 810007 FV3350HWUSD81-SP. 17 watchers. It features a remote control so that the user can easily control the functions of the vent fan with just one click. I won't lie. AAA+++ 12 Dec 2018 Uses quality materials and is easy to install. And unlike some vent fans, the blades can be reversed to cool or heat your vehicle depending on … Buy Now. The Maxxair fan comes with reversible blades, a built-in thermostat, and a ceiling fan mode for complete personal control of your environment. Buy Now. The rain sensor on this thermostat-controlled roof vent ensures that the dome closes and the variable-speed, reversible, 12V fan shuts off when rain or snow hits. Fantastic Fan Vs. Maxx Air Power Vents - posted in Outback Modifications: Looking for opinions on best power fan to install in the center vent on our OB. Dealing with rain is where the Maxxfan Deluxe really shines. The auto rain sensor closure is well worth the extra cost and the fan noise is very low. Review of MaxxAir: Maxxfan Plus with Thermostat / Power Lift / Rain Sensor / Remote - 355mm. Putting a MaxxAir cover over it eliminates the need for a rain sensor. Works like a champ. 3X Translucent Maxx Air Maxxair Vent Cover Deal. The MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe # MA00-07500K does not have a rain sensor but does have a large rain shield to keep out rain. Maxxair recommends Wall Controls 03540K & 03550K FEATURES: 12 VDC 4 Amps Rain Sensor Manual Open, Auto Close Clear Fan Blades let in more light Easy Remove Screen with rotating pegs Smoke Tinted Lid Fits Standard 14" X 14" Opening 2000 RPM Motor 10 Speed Fan Fan WILL NOT Operate unless a Wall Control or a Keypad is installed! CAUTION: Rain Sensor will not close the MAXXFAN lif if the lid is opened manually with the knob. vent fan is coverd with MaxxAir 2 cover and fan has rain sensor. You can also control the dome and fan manually with a built-in hand knob or with controls on the vent housing. Finally, Maxxair is a sleek, low-profile fan. 3 Speed Fan, Automatic Dome Lift, Thermostat, Rain Sensor, Reverse The Dometic Fan-Tastic vent model 3350 features a rain sensor that automatically closes the dome when wet. Closes securely for a low profile appearance. And the Fan-Tastic is an excellent product – but the rain cover thing is a deal breaker for us. Maxxfan Maxx air 4761KS Rain Sensing Vent Fan. Brand New. Three Fan Blade Speeds; Fits Standard 14" x 14" Opening; Power Lift Dome; Quiet Operation; Reversible Air Flow; Rain Sensor Automatically Closes Dome When Wet; High Profile Base; Garnish Included *Requires 7 … Episode 36 - Fan Rain Sensor If you are in the market for a new RV, Southern RV is here to help! A rain sensor is included as well to signal the dome to close and the fan to shut off when it gets wet. On paper the Maxx-Air looks better due to that "Can be left open in the rain" feature someone mentioned up thread. Additionally, you can use the manual dome lift knob to open the dome after the rain sensor secures the vent fan. This product is … The built in manual knob allows for closing the dome in an emergency. Flush mounted, easy to clean Keypad - controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions. Dimensions: 19.5" L x 18.5" W x 9" H. Weight: 3.6 lbs. The multi-directional blades are a big bonus for anyone doing high-intensity activities inside the van such as cooking because it will suck the moisture, smells and fumes right out. For high-powered fans, see the Maxxair II. We had a fantastic fan in our prior B with thermostat control and loved it. $44.90. $249.25. Maxxair Deluxe Rain Dome 12Volt 10 speed fan White lid 14” x 14” manual lift $554.00 Add to cart. Wow. Another popular roof vent fan for vanlifers and RVers is the Dometic Fan-Tastic Vent 2250.For about the same price as the MAXXFAN Deluxe 6200K, you get a reliable three-speed motor, a fan that can turn in either direction, a thermostat that helps regulate temperatures inside your camper van or RV, and a rain sensor that closes the lid if it senses moisture. Powerful, fuse protected, Long life, sealed ball bearing, 12 volt fan motor and a 12 inch, 10 bladed fan. Each MAXXFAN provides over 900 CFM to keep you cool and comfortable and operates with the lid closed to circulate air (ceiling fan mode). Not recommended for use with high-powered vent fans. I have linked the instructions which cover installation as well as features of the fan. Maxxair® Original Vent Cover 1 # 428572582. Includes all mounting hardware for installation. asked by: Nino D. 0. Expert Reply: It sounds like you have the MaxxAir MaxxFan RV Vent with rain sensor # MA00-04500K. BASE ASSEMBLY DETAIL CODE USED ON MODELS PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION NUMBER REQUIRED 9 All 10-20258KS Fan Blade 1 10 All 10A40012K Base** 1 11 All 10-20233K Rubber Seal 1 12 All 10-20287 Bushing 3 13 All 10-20222KS Lifter Arm (Hexagon) 1 14 All 10-20968 Fan Motor* 1 15A 4500K – 4900K, 4700N, 4900N 10-40007K Rain Sensor 1 Maxx Fan Maxxair 12 Volt Ventilation System White RV Camper. WALL CONTROL FEATURES • Allows fan control from convenient wall location • Turns fan ON or OFF • 10 Fan Speeds available • OPENS or CLOSES Vent Lid Maxxair Fan 4 Speed Powered Vent Smoke. Gtoli. $67.90. The 4500K model even comes with a remote control, electric lid opening, and a rain sensor (NOTE: Not a RAIN GUARD. Rain sensor closes lid automatically. Below are the two fans that we have owned by Maxx Air and why I liked each of them. Buy It Now. $138.37. Can leave my dog in the van to shop for grocery without fear as temp in van is cooler inside than out with fan on. $632.54. 6-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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