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Ready to fall in love? Kitten For Sale Dog Cat Bobcat Kitten Asian Leopard Cat Cats Bengal Cat Leopard Kitten Cats For Sale Hybrid Cat. Must have USDA license or be very knowledgeable on exotic cat care and have proper enclosure. Find Bobcat Hybrid Kittens For Sale on 0.0.2 Geoffroy's Cat kittens available soon, born March 18, 2020. Up to date on vaccines and dewormed. (email, call, or text) It is recognized by the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry and TICA. Savannah, Savannah Lynx Hybrids, and other unique Hybrids. The kittens stay with their mothers for the first year of life while their mother teaches them to hunt. We do not dock tails. 4237210379 usda facility over 34 yrs in business . a beautiful hybrid cross between a Caracal lynx and an Abyssinian domestic cat. AVAILABLE HIGHLAND LYNX/HIGHLANDER KITTENS We are honored you are considering one of our REFR Highland Lynx/TICA Highlander kittens! A couple of notes regarding our kittens: 1.) ** VACCINATIONS ** The FIP / Feline Leukemia Vaccination . $4,500. Registered Exotic Highland & Desert Lynx kittens for sale Updated 11/30/20 Thank you. smart as any animal I've been around; and very low maintenance (also personally, it gives me less allergy problems than a regular domestic cat). He is poly all 4, short tail and 12 weeks old. Mom ("Sahara" has 25% Bobcat blood). Kittens will have had a health check, 1st shot … Baby red Kangeroos males and females in pouch . Highland Lynx KITTENS FOR SALE: 910-381-7555 ALL kittens SOLD AS “PETS ONLY” PRICES RANGE FROM $850- $1500 PLUS ANY SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS. The F1 Caracat will grow to be 25 to 30 pounds, 12 to 14 inches high at the shoulder, and will look very much like a cougar with tufted ears. We currently have 2 stunning boy kittens available! Your free buyer account within our community will give you access to: See the approximate price in your currency using today's exchange rates. Ready now. ! Additionally, the habitat should include secure stalls or small, individual cages th… Home of the "proven DNA Bobcat Hybrid" F1 BOBCAT • Exotic RARE Hybrid Kittens 2020 AUGUST Hybrid Kittens. Lynx are characterized as having short tails, large, padded paws, long facial whiskers, and tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears. Highly intelligent, friendly cats, they have spotted or marbled coats in a variety of colors. Prices are based upon characteristics and attributes including color, pattern, polydactyl, ears, etc. The safety of the keepers should be a top concern. ...if you've been searching for the perfect exotic wild hybrid ~ you came to the right place. This gorgeous little bronze Highland Lynx male is just purrfect! The safety of the keepers should be a top concern. Get More Details. Eurasian lynx kittens for sale. Health tested for 40 genetic diseases and 20+ traits (including blood type, coat colors, coat types, and morphology). The top of the enclosure should be covered with the same material as the walls. Female lynx give birth about once a year, on average. Litter box trained. Geoffroy's Cat kittens & Eurasian Lynx kittens. Serious buyers only. Both are breeding pairs. snow male (traditional paws, straight ears with black tips/tufts, and awesome blue eyes) ~ $3100 • website: Lynx Kittens. Purchaser must pick up. The Highland Lynx is a bobcat hybrid breed developed by crossing Desert Lynx with Jungle Curls. They have about 16% wild blood (w/ over 12% bobcat and over 3% serval blood). Although created from hybrid crossings of bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat and Serval, Jag Cats are bred to be gentle and loving. I consider this pet the "Rolls Royce" of the cat hybrid world...definitely has that "WOW" factor...all the bells and whistles :) Parents and previous siblings are proven outreach animals. EMAIL: Phone/Text: (714) 981-8351 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. More information... People also love these ideas Ragdoll Kittens born on Oct. 22nd ready to go to their new homes on December 24th at 9 weeks old. Bobcat Hybrids are rare felines with wild and domestic features. The Caracat cats and kittens . Maine Coon Breeders. Occasionally a unique kitten may be priced differently. New logs, fallen trees, and boulders can add to some novelty to their space. May not work with older browsers. This is a Hybrid Breed Ketamine Anesthesia is NOT recommended!!! Illinois Breeder of CFA registered Applehead Siamese Kittens, Traditional Balinese Siamese Kittens, Old Style Siamese, Color Pt Lynx Kittens, Cattery of excellence, Health Guarantees, Purebred, Siamese kittens for sale, Underfoot, Classic Siamese Reputable Breeder cattery, Balinese, C.F.F Registered Cats. This is a great way to get to know a cat or just offer your home for a temporary time. Ready now. • email:  Please Email for new updated video footage of our available hybrid kittens. Serious inquiries only. Most have... Eurasian Lynx pair 6500 His price is $850 Pet Only. African porcupine f 500 To see one is to "gotta have one"...and to meet one is to love one...very unique and raised under the loving care of my family. These cats are bred to produce a large wild looking feline that people can own without a license or permit. These small felids are wonderful outreach education or exhibit animals as they are incredibly active and engaging for the public. But they need additional enrichment to help them satisfy their natural instincts. Get More Details. Get More Details. I compare it to owning a very fun-loving-loyal dog, except it's more independent and doesn't require the same attention and constant care a dog needs. At the moment our cattery is one of the two in the world who produced these valuable kittens. Parents and previous siblings are proven outreach ani... Enclosures for lynx should, at the minimum, measure six-feet by twelve-feet with a vertical dimension of at least eight-feet. We feed all of our Highland Lynx cats and Desert Lynx kittens a Species Appropriate diet … As maine coon breeders our goal is to produce the perfect family friendly cat. Human imprinted some were bottle fed. Prices for our registered exotic Highland Lynx and Desert Lynx Kittens range from $700 to $1,100. 4237210379 usda facility over 34 yrs in business . Up to date on vaccines and dewormed. Please text. SERVAL ,CARACAL , LYNX , BOBCAT males and females . Find Highland Lynx Kittens For Sale on :) Additionally, the habitat should include secure stalls or small, individual cages that the animal can be kept in if sick or injured, being cared for by the veterinarian, or while the enclosure is being cleaned. In captivity, lynx should be offered a diet of fresh meat, preferably in the form of whole animals. 2 pr fishing cats 13,000 Born 5/1/20. Finally, a hybrid cat without spots, stripes, or rosettes. Like other members of the large cat family, lynx are obligate carnivores, meaning they cannot eat anything other than meat. Savannah and Savannah Lynx hybrids available. Our kittens are sold as pets only. These kittens are considered high ?bobcat hybrids. We have Desert Lynx kittens for sale by waiting list only. We are a USDA facility. highlander/highland lynx kittens lynx cat exotic cats for sale lynx cat for sale. If you feel you are a good fit, please fill out our Interest Questionnaire. Kittens & Cats lynx Available - United States (select location) Displaying 1 thru 10 of 1058 next> Lynx. 3 artic fox 1800 * All of our cats and kittens for sale are registered with the R.E.F.R. Welcome to HybridCatz: Savannah and other Hybrids Servals, Caracals, Bobcats, Canadian Lynx, Eurasian Lynx and Geoffroy cubs/kittens- Contact us for availability and Pricing. F1 Kittens- Contact us for availability and pricing. Very rare F3 Bengal Seal lynx x snow Rossette Active female Bengal she is such a real stunner and so friendly and a big girl. As Couponxoo’s tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of 50% on average by using our coupons for shopping at Lynx Hybrid Cats For Sale . Our kittens are fully vetted for pet, including alteration and a vet check. Born on June 5th- ready around July 1st. 7. I have a 2 year old Female Siberian Lynx for sale. Mokave Jag Cats are safe replacements for wild cats such as caracal, lynx, ocelot, or serval, all of which can be dangerous and unpredictable. Human imprinted some were bottle fed. Female Hermann,MO. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll be in touch with you soon. Animals are in Tennessee. You'll love your new family member. Savannah Female. This advert is located in and around Carlshalton, Surrey. They come with age appropriate shots, worming and are flea free. Enclosures for lynx should, at the minimum, measure six-feet by twelve-feet with a vertical dimension of at least eight-feet. Highland Lynx Kittens for sale, highly prized, lovable registered, well socialized born and raised in home with family. Saved by Loriann MacKenzie. A double entry system will reduce the chances of the animal escaping while being attended to by a keeper. With a variable tail length, these cats can weigh up to 28 lbs. Jerboas as Pets: Feeding, Housing, and Personality, Lion Attack Should Not Change North Carolina's Exotic Animal Laws. We do not sell breeders. LOVING LYNX® is both CFA and TICA registered. Trees, rocks, ledges, shrubs, ponds, and logs all should be incorporated into the habitat. The Highlander is a hybrid; it is a cross between the Desert Lynx, and the Jungle Curl . If their habitat is set up correctly, the lynx will have the freedom to climb trees, jump on rocks and perch on branches. Most have been around dogs and other animals. The top of the enclosure should be covered with the same material as the walls. They don’t make their own dens, but make use of den-like structures that they find, such as fallen logs or root systems. Dad ("Iceberg") is a F4 Savannah/Lynx, and has over 6% Serval blood. She’s used to having free reign of house and is litter box trained. 4 Bob cat pairs 10,000 PM me or call. Litter box trained. 2 pr kinkajous 4000 They are sweet and playful great temperaments and personalities good for any household. Male For Sale $800 Kittanning,PA. Birthdate 10/02/2017. Located in Southern California, Texas and Montana we specialize in selectively breeding high quality wild looking F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 Savannahs. PM me or call. Highland Lynx And Desert Lynx Kittens… Beautiful 5 year old Siberian Lynx and Bobcats. Cats listed as available for pre-adoption are either nursing a litter/haven't been fixed yet. 3 serval 2.1 8000 Not Recommend for this breed. World Exotic Cats- the rarest and unique cats in the world. HAVE A GREAT DAY. Rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and squirrels are good choices. 1 Male, 1 Female. Please contact me in regards to the lynx you have for sale. Must be able to provide spacious, clean, enclosures. Many breeders in different countries try to receive the kittens of hybrid of the first generation from caracal and domestic (pedigree) cat – … They have little or no dander, making them non-allergenic to most people with cat allergies. All are raised in a state and Federally Licenced Facility in We offer lots of exotic cats for sale at Frazier Farms Exotics including bobcats (lynx rufus), canada lynx (Lynx Canadensis), eurasian Lynx (lynx lynx), sand cats (felis margarita), carpathian lynx (lynx lynx carpathicus), and mainecoons. These small felids are wonderful outreach education or exhibit animals as they are incredibly active and engaging for the public. Highland Lynx males usually weigh up to 20 lbs. There is no pet more amazing, loving, loyal, funny, goofy, and beautiful than this hybrid! Pictures upon request.... Canada lynx kittens available, USDA licensed facility, bottle raised, hand tame. After owning all kinds of animals my whole life, I truly believe there is no better pet to own than one of these amazing hybrids. The male lynx plays no role in rearing the offspring. This domain may be for sale! Kittens will be 9 weeks and ready to go to their new homes on December 24th. 11 new Lynx Hybrid Cats For Sale results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 9, a new Lynx Hybrid Cats For Sale result is figured out. Lynx are classified as medium-sized members of the cat family. Sweet as can be. • call/text 562.233.0315 Adult breeding cats go through DNA health testing prior to reproducing. (Rare and Exotic Feline Registry) and some also with TICA as Highlander Cats. This extremely intelligent' feline breed, … An enclosure that is as close to the animal’s natural environment will help reduce anxiety in the animal. Desert Lynx cats are comprised of Bobcat, Manx, Maine Coon and Pixi Bob. The smallest species of lynx is the bobcat and the Canada lynx and the largest is the Eurasian lynx. The following Highland Lynx or Highlander cats are retiring from our breeding program or did not make the cut. Don, Breeding pair of Siberian Lynx and Bobcats. Human imprinted female Siberian Lynx. They come in both short and long hair. Well socialized. Location: California, United States. Bottle raised. Bobcat Hybrids With ... a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!!! The first Highlander cat was intriduced in 1995 at Timberline Cattery. Three boys all either seal lynx or seal point. Many with large polydactyl paws. 1.1 Geoffroy's Cat kittens available, born March 18, 2020. Ease text or call 4237210379 . Savannah and Savannah Lynx hybrids available. They range in color from medium brown to a goldish off-white. In many case, keepers hide the lynx’s food in various places around the enclosure so the animal must hunt for it. They are sweet and playful great temperaments and personalities good for any household. Beautiful Male and Female Siberian Lynx need a spacious and loving home to serious family. • understand: you don't own the hybrid, it owns you! Male Crescent City,FL. Pictures upon request. £2,000 ONO For Sale Very rare F3 Bengal seal lynx x snow rosette Female. Caracal pair 7000 All adults leave fixed unless otherwise stated. If interested shoot me a text. Lynx Kit. A double entry system will reduce the chances of the animal escaping while being attended to by a keeper. They prefer to eat smaller mammals, such as rabbits, fawns, squirrels. IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!! Non-refundable retainer is half the price. Serious buyers with license to own cats.

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