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DaVita Kidney Care and Fresenius Medical Care own the majority of the for-profit dialysis clinics in the state. Two measures on the November ballot, channeling the spirit of the ‘90s, are pushing to reverse that reversal. A dummy's guide to California 2020 ballot measures. In the final weeks of June, the Realtors sprang a deal: designating that most of the funding generated by the measure would go to fighting wildfires. FACEBOOK. Today, rich Californians can afford cash bail, while poorer people either pay bail bond companies or wait for trial in jail. Baldy Area. 1 Miley Cyrus; 2 Rudy Giuliani Farts; 3 Zendaya; 4 Donald Trump; 5 Laptop Sale Deals; 6 Emmanuel Duron; 7 Promotional Products; 8 EHR Systems; 9 The Mandalorian; 10 Grey's Anatomy; Top Searches Holiday Gifts. Accordingly, this new initiative makes a few tweaks. Election 2020: Opinions Remain On Pros, Cons Of California Prop. Prop 71 also let the state borrow $3 billion to do that. There are 12 statewide propositions.  Learn more: St. Mary's College and the Diablo Valley League of Women Voters have produced 4 to 7 minute videos on each of the 12 State propositions. PROP 22: Self-employment for ride-hail and other app-drivers, Who put it there: Signatures, via a campaign mostly funded by Lyft, Uber and Doordash. PRO Yes on 22 PROTECTS app-based drivers' choice to be independent contractors—by 4:1 margin drivers support independence! The California November 3, 2020 election has 12 statewide ballot propositions ... Resources include: pros and cons of each proposition, an easy-to read table summary of ballot measure endorsements, and in-depth information on everything from key positions to campaign finance. State lawmakers — by passing a law last year that set a 7% ceiling on how much landlords can raise rents each year — had hoped to ward off another attempt by Weinstein and company. California Quick Guide to Propositions. California, the home of three-strikes sentencing, has spent the last decade rethinking its approach to criminal justice. GO DEEP: CA Prop 22: Classification and benefits for gig workers, Who put it there: Signatures, via an effort funded entirely by the Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West. Paige Austin 11/2/2020. PROP 17: Restoring the right to vote to people on parole. But if the former governor has one, it might be the effort he spent in his final two terms as governor supporting efforts to reverse the “tough on crime” policies he helped introduce during his first two terms in the 1970s and ‘80s. 1 The Mandalorian; 2 Emmanuel Duron; 3 Rudy Giuliani Fart; 4 Noah Cyrus; 5 EHR Software Solutions; 6 Grey's Anatomy; 7 Glamorise Bras; 8 Blackout Blinds; 9 Mank Movie; 10 Chrishell Stause; Top Searches Holiday Gifts . Inspiration for that caveat may have come from the Los Angeles Times, which tracked down a number of California scions, including “The Big Lebowski” star Jeff Bridges, who are still paying 1970-era property tax levels on their rental properties. This wouldn’t be a California election without at least a few wildy contentious ballot measures about housing and property taxes. A NO vote on this measure means: The state could not sell $5.5 billion in general … PROP 24: Stronger consumer privacy laws (again). It's a wild time to … But because the measure would cost schools, counties and cities, it was opposed by organized labor and local government groups — and failed by 20 points. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Read the California League of Women Voters Pros and Cons HERE. What it would do: Require dialysis clinics to have at least one physician on site at all times and to report patient infection data to California health officials. And it exempts single-family homes owned by landlords with no more than two properties. Eric Ting, SFGATE. That won the support of the influential California Professional Firefighters union. And throwing a bone to critics who say their drivers are mistreated, the measure also imposes some worker benefits and protections. What it would do: Allow Californians who are currently on parole to vote. Robert Klein, a Silicon Valley real estate developer who led the Prop. And then there was a last-minute wrinkle. In 2018, California lawmakers passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, giving consumers the right to find out what data companies are collecting about them, to opt out of having it collected and to have that data scrubbed. League of Women Voters ® … Who put it there: Signatures, via a campaign largely funded by the bail bond industry. There are 12 statewide propositions. A vote for Proposition 25, according to SPUR , would approve Senate Bill 10, a legislative action that replaces the use of money bail with a risk assessment tool to determine the pretrial release of a defendant. Both campaigns are led by Bay Area real estate developers with a penchant for ballot box policymaking. Dear California, This election is more than two old white dudes * On your ballot is affirmative action, rent control, property taxes, voting rights and more. Jerry Brown was famously allergic to talk of his “legacy” while in office. What it would do: Allow schools and public agencies to take race and other immutable characteristics into account when making admission, hiring or contracting decisions. The institute exists to channel state money toward stem cell research. Who put it there: The Legislature, via a bill by San Mateo Democrat Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, but sponsored by the California Realtors. A YES vote on this measure means: The state could sell $5.5 billion in general obligation bonds primarily for stem cell research and the development of new medical treatments in California. 15 September 14, 2020, 11:23 PM A key issue on this year's ballot is Proposition 15 which would adjust the original 1978 California Proposition 13, and allow commercial properties to get taxed at their fair market value rather than the value at the time when they were purchased. Not only do our League researchers rely on proposition analysis from the Legislative Analyst's Office ... View our Pros & Cons on the ballot measures in English and Spanish to help you prepare to vote in the November 6 Election: • Print and share the Pros & Cons PDF • Read about the pros and cons of each ballot measures online. Home; Voter Information Guide; Power Search; Contact Information; Election: March 3, 2020 PROP 13 13 - PROPOSITION 013 - AB 48 (C... Quick Guide to Props » March 3, 2020 » Proposition 13. California's 2020 Propositions Explained: A guide Facing a dozen measures on the November Ballot, voters will be asked to decide the fate of hot issues from taxes to … California state proposition in 1 minute videos. CalMatters reporters explain every California state proposition in 1 minute videos. In 2011, California legislators reduced punishments for parole violators. Landlords must also be allowed to increase rents on current renters enough to make a profit each year. Democratic legislators have tried to do this six times before; this is the first to make the ballot. STATE Pros/Cons. What it would do: Tax some commercial property based on its market value, rather than the price at which it was purchased. Read Alameda County and Oakland Pros and Cons from LWVO!  Watch LWVO's Ballot Measure Pro/Con videos! If you're considering forgoing a buyer's agent during your homebuying process, here are a few pros and cons to consider: Pro… On its face, the law simply codified a state Supreme Court ruling, making it much harder for companies to treat their workers as independent contractors, rather than full-fledged employees. The result was an immediate drop in Black and Latino enrollment at the state’s elite public universities. Proposition 14 November 3, 2020 AUTHORIZES BONDS CONTINUING STEM CELL RESEARCH. Landlords can charge any amount they want when a new renter moves in. What would Proposition 25 do? 13 tax break. Eventbrite - League of Women Voters Berkeley Albany Emeryville presents CA State Propositions Pros and Cons Forum - Saturday, October 3, 2020 - Find event and ticket information. See our voter resources for additional statewide and local resources. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. These three measures, all placed on the ballot by the Legislature, had been introduced before protests against racism and police brutality swept the country. It would also limit the ability of new homeowners who inherit properties to keep their parents’ or grandparents’ low property tax payments. Open Disclosure (. ) Read more » Current Statewide Election. Some civil rights organizations have been trying to repeal Prop. Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. PROP 18: Letting (some) 17 year olds vote (some of the time). SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Here's a breakdown of the propositions Californians will be voting on this year. There’s been bipartisan reluctance among lawmakers to touch it ever since, lest they incur the wrath of irate homeowners. Most of the additional money raised would go into a state fire response fund. After unsuccessful efforts to unionize clinic staff, the union-sponsored legislation to cap reimbursement rates to clinics and floated an array of possible ballot measures to boost their staff spending and cut their profits. PROP 14: Borrowing for stem cell research, Who put it there: Signatures via an effort mostly funded by Robert Klein, JDRF International and Open Philanthropy, What it would do: Borrow $5.5 billion to fund stem cell research. All we hear about is the Presidential race, but let’s be honest, your vote more directly impacts the rest of the ballot. BALLOT Measures 2020 PROS/CONS – hosted by AAUW and League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley. By tying a landlord’s property tax payments to the original purchase price, Prop. According to an estimate from 2016, two thirds of people on parole in the state are Latino or Black. What it would do: Turn “app-based” drivers into independent contractors, exempting companies such as Lyft and Uber from standard wage and hour restrictions. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Who put it there: Citizens. Pros and cons of not using a real estate agent . It was — and remains — the only law like it in the county. In 2004, voters passed Proposition 71 to create the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. What it would do: Allow homeowners who are over 55, disabled or victims of natural disaster to take a portion of their property tax base with them when they sell their home and buy a new one. 71 effort and became the institute’s first president, is leading the campaign for more. What it would do: Ask voters to either approve or strike down a state law that banished money bail from the state criminal justice system. In 2018, the union finally got one on the ballot: Prop 8, which would have set a cap on clinic profit margins. Who put it there: Signatures, via a campaign funded entirely by Alastair and Celine Mactaggart. 2020-09-28 Topics California, Eureka, Access Humboldt, ... A Summary and Pros & Cons of 2020 Ballot Propositions presented by the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County Addeddate 2020-09-29 17:02:24 Color color Duration 4523 Identifier ahca-2020_Ballot_Propositions_-_Summary_Pros_and_Cons Run time 01:15:23 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.9.5 Sound sound Year 2020 … They argue that boosting enrollment of students from underrepresented racial groups would come at the expense of “overrepresented” Asian American students. Unless you happen to be an anti-vaccine protestor, the most controversial law of the 2019 legislative session was Assembly Bill 5. Your Guide To The Ballot Propositions In California's General Election By Brianna Lee Published Sep 22, 2020. Vote by … October 4 Pros and Cons PowerPoint Presentation of the November Ballot Measures. State law prevents rent control on single-family homes and housing built after Feb. 1, 1995. GO DEEP: CA Prop 23: Kidney dialysis, doctor staffing. Mt. California Proposition 14, the Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative, was on the ballot in California as an initiated state statute on November 3, 2020. CALIFORNIA – Voting has just begun, and California voters are facing a slew of ballot measure – that includes understanding what voting yes, or no, to Proposition 25 means. CON Proposition 19 is a billion-dollar tax increase on families. The measure was soundly defeated, but only after the two companies spent over $111 million, making it the most expensive ballot campaign ever. Just like last time, the measure is being pushed by the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation and its pugnacious president Michael Weinstein. shows the source and amount of money being spent to elect candidates for City offices and to support or oppose local ballot measures. Each of those attempts has been stymied by a coalition of Republicans, moderate Democrats and some progressive legislators who represent districts with large Asian American voting populations. Hear the Honorable Melinda Johnson discuss the Pros and Cons of the 2020 Ballot Propositions with LWV Ventura County Moderator David Maron Watch St. Mary's students. This site tracks the views of the candidates in the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election.We include all candidates who meet the criteria of having an active campaign and raising at least $10 million (excluding personal loans from the candidate). Streets packed in LeClaire for annual "Hometown Christmas" celebration, Breasia Terrell's 11th birthday goes by without a break in her case, Tracking early flurries Sunday; warmer temperatures to follow, Appeals court rules for President Trump taking $3.6B military money for border wall, Allow Californians who are currently on parole to vote, Prop 18: Voting for 17-year-olds in primary elections, CA Prop 22: Classification and benefits for gig workers, CA Prop 23: Kidney dialysis, doctor staffing. A yes vote on Prop. Along with setting up a state agency tasked with enforcing state privacy law, the measure would beef up financial penalties for violators and allow consumers to demand that personal information not be shared at all, rather than simply not sold. That bargain was struck after the Realtors had submitted their signatures, so with the help of Assemblyman Mullin, they passed it through the Legislature, pulling their original proposal just before the deadline.  have a tool for tracking political contributions in Oakland elections. Several California cities have “rent control” laws that limit how much landlords can increase rents each year. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media venture explaining California policies and politics. Calendar; Future Elections; League News; 2020 Zoom Webinars; Join/Renew; Observer Reports 2020; Contact Us; About; donate join RENEW TOO! We’ve seen this one before — half of it, anyway. It also means the measure will be funding a public need that might be on many voters’ minds come November. What it would do: Allow cities to introduce new rent control laws, or expand existing ones. California Democrats have been on a decade-long tear increasing voting access. In 2014, voters passed Proposition 47, recategorizing some non-violent crimes as misdemeanors. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. Here’s a quick glance at the key question each proposition will ask California voters to answer. WATCH MORE: Inside the Vote Count: This is what happens to your California ballot. Because Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport! GO DEEP: Prop 15: Commercial property taxes, PROP 19: Property tax breaks and closing the “Lebowski loophole”. What it would do: Strengthen California’s already strongest-in-the-nation consumer privacy law and establish a California Privacy Protection Agency. Proposition 14 was approved . Skip to Main Content; Secretary of State Main Website; Elections & Voter Information ; Campaign Finance; California Quick Guide to Propositions. In the months since, all attempts at legislative compromise have fizzled, California’s Attorney General has sued Uber and Lyft for violating the new law and California regulators declared their drivers to be employees.

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