buying crawfish for pond

CajunCrawfish is owned by Frugé Aquafarms Inc., an actual working rice and crawfish farm located in Branch, LA.Read “Our Story” to learn more. Dono, thanks for pics of crawfish scoop-great idea. Crayfish ponds are attracted by birds or forest animals, ready to pick on your crayfish. Live Crawfish. Harvesting Crayfish From Crayfish Pond Live Louisiana Crawfish. 100% OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE GUARANTEE We absolutely grow 100% of every crawfish we ship. Eh. When trying to manage any pond or lake the Fathead Minnow will be a tremendous asset to you and your fish. Set metal stakes atop the pond's walls and spread the net across the pond. Our first priority is to make sure your pond is stocked right the first time. You can rest … Our 1/4 ac pond has many, many crawfish which certainly provide lots of forage for the LMB, YP, SMB that live in it. They are found in almost any wetland, including drainage ditches; wherever there is water. LIVE CRAWFISH We Offer 3 Grades of Live Crawfish. Keep the pond covered with bird netting. We offer standard field run by the sack or washed and culled to your specifications as well as sacks of selects and jumbos. When a pond owner discovers that his pond has crayfish, an image of a leaky pond comes to mind, followed by thoughts of how to eradicate them without harming the fish. In the 5 years that we've owned the place, I only have records of 3 LMB that didn't have a craw in their stomach when opened up. We deal with one of the largest crawfish suppliers in Louisiana. We and our ancestors have lived around crawfish all our lives and now we are dedicated to bringing live crawfish and other fantastic Louisiana food … Without much effort, crayfish can be managed to provide benefits for the pond owner. Crayfish burrows rarely cause ponds to leak. Buy a pond cover net from local home improvement stores and install it to cover the crayfish pond. As a pond manager, your job is to learn the facts and make the best decisions you can make. One pondmeister, in central Oklahoma, has bought different kinds of living supplemental food for his … What about simply buying red swamp crayfish and using them as supplemental food for LMB? re: Seed Crawfish for ponds Posted by Fratigerguy on 5/11/15 at 5:31 pm to Clyde Tipton To the OP, without knowing male/female ratio, all you're doing is buying expensive arse small crawfish, not necessarily good seed crawfish at all. Order: 1 pound (300 to 350 … The prices and availability vary throughout … The last thing you want to see is a bird or forest animal pick on your crayfish. Crawfish live in a range of habitats including clean, flowing waters (streams, rivers) and standing waters (ponds, lakes, marshes, swamps). What we have to offer is the best available throughout the season. Check the competition, we CRUSH them all on quality!Our grades & qty below: Field Run 18/24 cnt per lbs. Special Delivery available for orders over $1000 Min. Check out our Recommended Pond Stocking Rates on Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Hybrid Bluegill, Coppernose Bluegill, Redear Bream, Florida Hybrid Bass, Diploid and Triploid Grass Carp (White Amur), Black … Belle River 12/20 cnt … Fish Pricing & Stocking Rates. Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms is a family owned business since 1990 and have been in the business of selling quality crawfish and other fine Louisiana seafood and food products. You should lower the net to the dirt so that any animal can’t slip under it. It will protect the crayfish from animals. Help keep your pond in balance, put the Fathead Minnow to work for you today.Fish are available on our route trucks or for special delivery.

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